Ajeenkya DY Patil University COVID Response

We are facing an unprecedented challenge with our communities being impacted by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Rising to the challenge, the Ajeenkya DY Patil University took initiative and assembled a team of biomedical engineers, electronics engineers, computer engineers, modelers, doctors, practitioners in quick time we have undertaken 4 projects,which has a vital impact.

  • Multichannel Ventilator Splitter
  • High Flow Nasal Canulae (HFNC) Machine
  • PPE Masks
  • Development of Mobile Booths for Corona Virus Testing

Our dedicated team working 24X7 developed and tested these solutions in quick time. The team includes Dr. Biswajeet Champaty (Head- School of Engineering), Dr. Aiswarya Dash (Asst Professor- School of Engineering), Dr. Ipsita Swain (Asst Professor – School of Engineering) along with the fourth year Mechatronic students Pranshu Tople, Pritish Nagwade and fourth year Bio-Medical Engineering student Minerva Sharma.

We have been inspired by the sense of compassion towards our fellow citizens. For us, this is an occasion to demonstrate how truly grateful we are to our people who make us what we are.

In this hour of need, our thoughts are with the families of our students, staff and partners. While we anxiously await and plan for a time we can all be together again we are planning to make their lives easier.

Multichannel Ventilator Splitter

  • Own design that uses the Ventilator for multiple patients
  • Supports patients with different lung capacity
  • Prevents the spread of infection

High Flow Nasal Canulae (HFNC)

  • Substituting the use of ventilator up to Mild ARDS
  • Proprietary design
  • Cost of equipment only Rs. 12000

PPE Masks

  • 3D printed face shield frame
  • Works over masks.
  • Protect mask from exposure so can be used longer.
  • Reusable and an additional precaution.

Development of Mobile Booths for Corona Virus Testing

  • Booth with a partition, a phone through which patients can consult with medical professionals who then take sample swabs from the patient through arm length gloves fitted in the booth walls is under development.
  • Mobile solution
  • Can reach in affected hotspots
  • Protects Health givers
  • Examine patients swiftly, safely