Being Liberal in Building Your Career

The liberal arts have been the base of a college education for centuries, and are more significant and valuable today than ever before.

All through your college search, you’ve likely seen these terms many times:

“A strong foundation in the liberal arts”

“A rigorous liberal arts education”

“A background rooted in the liberal arts tradition”

But what is a liberal arts education?

The liberal arts have nothing to do with political affiliation or artistic skill-it is the tradition of a broad education in various fields, including literature, philosophy, math, and the social and physical sciences. Liberal arts teach you what today’s employers say they value most: how to communicate your ideas; find and analyze information and data; adapt to new technology and professional trends; work with others to solve problems; and make confident, knowledgeable decisions.

A liberal arts education does more than coach you the skills you need.

Here are five reasons why a liberal arts education might be best for you and your career.

1. Yes, Liberal Arts can get you a job

That’s because a liberal arts education teaches more than just a subject matter. First, it trains students on how to become broadly analytical and creative thinkers. English, philosophy, and history all emphasize the fact that there may be more than one solution to a given problem. Pursuing a liberal arts degree also exposes people to ideas and subjects outside the world of business or technology.

2. Makes you learn how to think

With a liberal arts education, you learn to think critically, creatively, and analytically. Rather than taking everything presented to you at face value, you learn to delve into the whats, whys, and how’s of the world. How will this project improve my company? Is there a better way? What are this politician’s true motives? Why should I vote for him or her? You learn how to challenge all preconceived notions about what is “best,” and you become a fully-functioning, interactive member of society, rather than another sheep in the flock.

3. Employers are more likely to hire someone with a liberal arts background

You’ve probably learned through the college admission process that being well rounded is a valued quality in any candidate. The same goes for applying for jobs—in fact, employers believe that students should have a broad knowledge of the arts with field-specific skills and a broad range of skills in order for graduates to advance and remain employed long-term within a company.

4. You’ll learn how to communicate. Effectively

In a liberal arts environment, you learn how to express ideas, both verbally and on paper. And if you learn a foreign language, that’s even more appealing. The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that becomes absolutely crucial both in the workforce and in everyday life.

5. Increase your world-view and add depth to your college experience

Gaining knowledge in a range of topics not only helps you to be well rounded in your skills, but also in your thinking. Liberal arts education provides multiple viewpoints and allows for educational opportunities that cannot be obtained otherwise.

How Ajeenkya DY Patil University’s School of Liberal Arts Helps You?

ADYPU offers something special: A rich liberal arts experience at the heart of the university.

A Bachelor’s degree by ADYPU in Liberal Arts is well-planned to offer you a broad-based knowledge in a wide selection of subjects. The diversity of courses will facilitate you to comprehend major topics of global and national importance with their socio-economic, cultural and ideological implications.

The best B.A. Liberal Arts degree allows you to think and communicate independently using critical, creative and analytical skills. The Liberal Arts degree will let you:

  • Understand cultural, political, social and economic issues to solve problems in a variety of contexts.
  • Evaluate, analyze and think critically and communicate effectively in order to arrive at solutions.
  • Apply various streams of knowledge to propose innovative ideas and smart solutions.
  • Develop the ability to conduct independent research and powers of self-expression.
  • Become a global citizen with a broad perspective.

A fully liberal education prepares you to live a productive and creative life in a dramatically changing world. It fosters well-grounded intellectual resilience, a disposition to life-long learning and an acceptance of responsibility for your ideas and actions.

So, prepare for a successful career and a fulfilling life ADYPU’s School of Liberal Arts.