Career Opportunities after Master of Automobile Design

This is an exciting time to be entering the field of automobile design.

Not since the birth of the automobile has the industry seen such rapid changes taking place and these changes bring great opportunities for talented designers. Design anything from the next awe-inspiring sports car to an eco-friendly bus, or from a compact city car to a cutting-edge mountain bike.

If you have the ‘drive’, DYPDC’s Master of Design Automobile Design will give you a real-world understanding of the challenges and practicalities associated with generating successful designs. This field is dynamic and ever-changing, offering you a high-powered and progressive work environment.

Although creative talent and artistic ability are a given if you want to become an automotive designer, there are also a number of other skills that are equally important.

Skills you need to be an automobile designer:

To begin with, you must be effective communicators, as well as have good listening skills. You must be able to work with others, and take criticism. You must handle deadlines, and work well under stress, find innovative solutions to complex issues, and make every effort to keep up with the changing auto industry, as well as any software and technology used in designing. Superior writing and drawing skills are imperative, and a foreign language can be a huge asset in the ever-increasing field of international automotive design.

The Scope of Automobile Design Industry in India

The Automobile Industry has a great scope for all the qualified and trained automotive designers in India. The recent report of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer suggests that India has sold more than 1 million cars last year with a growth rate of more than 12% per annum. So, with all these achievements in the automobile industry, a qualified candidate can easily grab a lucrative job opportunity which is usually accompanied with an attractive remuneration package. India’s automobile innovator Dilip Chhabria has proved his might in delivering the best design for modern cars and futuristic automobile design thus winning the hearts of many with his sparkling models all of which carries the codename “DC Design’. All in all, a career in automobile designing is a very promising career option for any aspiring candidate that offers the best prospect in terms of job position and opportunities.

Career opportunities in automobile design

The study of automotive design is to develop, fabricate, and test vehicles or vehicle components from the concept stage to the production stage. It is a very lucrative career option for students who have the love for automobiles and everything related to it. It also happens to be a profession with high demand not just in India but all over the world. Production, development, and manufacturing are the three major functions in this field. There are all kinds of jobs available in this industry ranging from designing and manufacturing, sales and components manufacturing of vehicles to research and development.

DYPDC x Dilip Chhabria

DYPDC offers ground-breaking undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the areas of Automobile Design and Innovation. With our highly experiential, hands-on programs supported by excellent facilities and highly motivated faculty, we transform individuals into the thinkers, dreamers and designers of tomorrow. DYPDC brings together the strengths of Dilip Chhabria in the area of Automobile Design and Innovation with that of the prestigious DY Patil Group in the area of education to bring you a whole new world of career opportunities.

If automobile design is a career of your choice then there is no other place than DYPDC that is ideal for you. We’re known to provide a high-quality design education to the whole world. Our unique method ensures the access to our education to anybody who has a passion for learning product design, regardless where they are on the globe. We train fine designers with creativity and proposal power.

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