Five reasons to study Law from ADYPU

Choosing law as a career option is in itself a great commitment. A Law degree is one of the most sought-after courses which calls for hard work and sincere dedication. If you’re passionate about building your career in the legal sector, then pursuing a law degree will be your first step towards the challenging legal environment.

Aspirants with a law degree have greater career options as it opens up the door to a myriad of fields. But the change in technology and the current scenario demands the modification of the legal curriculum as well. Students should be taught a curriculum that is in accordance with the new age changes and issues.

So, here’s preparing you for 21st century legal practice.

Whether you wish to embark on a career as a lawyer or whether you’re a non-law professional who needs some legal expertise, our programs will meet your needs. Here are the five reasons which will why you must study law from ADYPU.

1. Highly Innovative Curriculum

Today’s competitive world demands shrewd law professionals. So, in order to meet the need of the hour, we have introduced such a curriculum that will fulfill your goals. Our curriculum will help you become a successful T-Shaped professional where you get expert knowledge in your chosen domain and also the know how your selected discipline interacts with others.

2. Learn from leading legal scholars

ADYPU makes sure that you get a chance to interact with some of the eminent personalities who have a strong background in the legal sector. These personalities enlighten you with great knowledge and expertise in their domain. To encourage this approach we let you interact with attorneys, judges, and potential employers which’ll help you attain knowledge beyond the classroom.

Please mention names of some eminent personality who might have visited the campus.

The above mentioned were some names who have addressed our students during the last few years.

3. Practical exposure

To cater to the need of modern law practice, we prefer covering every aspect of the legal sector and strive to come up with ethical judgments, critical analysis, develop legal reasoning & argumentation, etc. Our curriculum is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. We are always forward to conduct workshops and training to help you get hands-on exposure.

Can give some example of workshops conducted.

4. Excellent Faculty

By enrolling with us, you choose to learn from such faculty members who are highly experienced and are subject matter experts. They are approachable and always ready to help and guide students in every aspect.

Dr. K K S R Murthy a faculty of School of Law at DYPU is a multidisciplinary legal academician with 17 years of academic experience. He has a special interest in Media law and has authored 3 books which include ‘Consumer Protection’, ‘Unfair Trade Practices’ and ‘An Introduction to ADR Mechanism’.

To make our approach smooth and functional we also invite industry experts for guest lectures.

5. Student Activities

ADYPU being the #coolestuniversity, allows you to make the most of your academic journey. We encourage students to go beyond the box and break the box. The Innovation Factory is a project-based learning platform where students come together to solve the most-pressing challenges of the industry and society.

ADYPU School of Law is a leader and innovator in legal education, and a vibrant place of learning that values ideas, excellence and intellectual exchange.

With a suite of subjects, enrichment activities and cutting-edge research, ADYPU balances important elements of traditional legal teaching with new offerings that equip graduates with the technical skills to navigate the complex ethical, legal and social implications of new technologies.

With us, you’ll get a legal degree with a future focus. Find out more.