Top 5 Takeaways from the AGI Graphic Design Conference in Pune

What is the future of graphic design? How design transforms various cultures? How does it affect regions? Can you express your emotions through design? Graphic design experts from 7 countries came together and discussed these conversational topics recently at India’s first ever international conference, Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) in India. If you couldn’t make it to the biggest conference, we’ve brought back some great insights to share. [Insert Image]

On November 22-23, Ajeenkya D Y Patil University (ADYPU) hosted its first-ever Graphic Design Conference in collaboration with AGI focusing on the future of graphic design. The two-day most-awaited global conference featured a galaxy of distinguished graphic designers – Nikki Gonnissen (Netherlands), Taku Satoh (Japan), Dean Poole (New Zealand), Tommy Li (China), EvelynterBekke (Netherlands), Dirk Behage (France), Sonia Manchanda & Sudhir Sharma (India) sharing their profound insights on engaging themes. [Insert Image]

With a wide range of design experts – from internationally acclaimed graphic designers to award-winning brand consultants – conference participants left with immense knowledge and creative ideas for future graphic design projects. Here are the 5 most important takeaways from the biggest conference. [Insert Image]

1. Graphic Design Transforming the Culture

Graphic design can be accredited to various forms of art and culture. Reflecting on AGI’s vision on present and future of graphic design in India, Dean Poole, International President, Alliance Graphique International deliberated on the theme ‘Regional’ through his interactive panel session and captivating design workshop. He remarked, “This theme aimed to provide an opportunity for designers around the world to review how design can transform cultures for the future of mankind. We consciously chose this theme in India as Indian Kaleidoscope brings richness through graphic designs and other art forms.”[Insert Video]

2. Graphic Design for Social Impact

Graphic design often gets overlooked when it comes to creating sustainable solutions for social impact. You can make the world a better place by applying your graphic design skills to meaningful projects. That’s what Nikki Gonnissen from the Netherlands believes in. She added, “Good graphic design is not only about good form but creating a positive impact in the way we live in societies. For which, we must explore different cultures and integrate into the graphic design.”[Insert Video]

3. Graphic Design is a Unique Way of Self-Expression

Graphic design is not just about implementing your customer’s ideas and meeting their expectations. Sharing their opinion on how graphic design can solve problems creatively, internationally acclaimed graphic designers duo of the famed Louvre Museum and French National Parks— Dirk Behage and Evelynter Bekke said, “Graphic design can be very surprising. It is not only about design, but it is a unique form of self-expression. It is about how we can change the boundaries of our realities and open our minds to the new world.”[Insert Video]

4. Impact of Graphic Design on the World

Our world is profoundly shaped by the artistic work of graphic designers. We are surrounded with a forest of signs, symbols, logos which have a powerful impact on our activities. Taku Satoh, one of the most influential Japanese designers while presenting interesting graphics and package designs of successful Japanese brands, highlighted how design influences and impacts every kind of human activity – be it politics, art, welfare, technology, education and medical.[Insert Video]

5. Graphic Design is a Powerful Strategy

Graphic design is intricately embedded in our lives and is the most powerful way to create and disseminate ideas. Sonia Manchanda from India emphasized that design is the most powerful strategy and how it helps us to create new cultures while integrating our lives completely. On the other hand, Sudhir Sharma, an acclaimed designer focused on visual culture emerging out of magazines in the design space. He noted that design in India is an amalgamation of richness, tradition, and handicraft. [Insert Video]

Indeed, ADYPU in partnership with AGI provided a platform exclusively for graphic design fraternity to bring forward their innovative ideas and learn from world-class graphic artists. It was a wonderful opportunity for graphic design enthusiasts to meet and interact with famous designers and learn from them how design has evolved over the years.