School of Liberal Arts Hosts Suicide Prevention Workshop

The School of Liberal Arts orchestrated a Mindfulness-Based Workshop on Suicide Prevention on September 8th, 2023 coinciding with National Suicide Prevention Week. Students from various semesters at the School of Liberal Arts participated in this engaging and interactive workshop dedicated to raising awareness about suicide prevention. The workshop was led by Prof. Eden Lobo and featured Miss Sandy Dias Andrade, a counselor from the Just Being Center, as the guest speaker, with facilitation by Dr. Sunny Thomas, the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts.

The workshop delved into various aspects related to suicide, including suicidal ideation, risks, and social stigmas. It also aimed to enhance students’ fundamental mindfulness-based listening skills. During the session, students were encouraged to share their experiences with suicide, fostering an open and supportive environment. Miss Andrade’s expertise in counseling deeply resonated with everyone in the room, evoking emotional responses, including tears.

The event concluded with an art-based therapy activity, providing students with a creative outlet to express their feelings through caricatures and drawings on a shared canvas. This event not only proved to be highly educational but also fostered connections among students as they collectively explored such a significant issue and ways to address it. Prof. Eden Lobo expressed gratitude with a vote of thanks, highlighting the importance of such workshops in creating awareness and building a supportive community within the School of Liberal Arts.